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We serve you a total excellent Customs Clearance jobs for your company compliance
Provides you Export Import Customs Formalities for your cargoes clearance
HSSE compliance equipment supporting
Reliable on time deliveries

A documents compliance result to the Post Audit of your company

Why Do You need an Import Export Consultant?
  • Import-export trade has a large volume potential with the vast global market. However, not only is the volume potential large, the risk is not small, because for people who are not familiar with various documents, procedures, validation, correspondence, negotiation, payment, and delivery, of course, this will be very confusing and there is the potential for errors and not small losses.
  • Not only for those of you who are new to the import-export trade, even for experienced importers or exporters, doing everything yourself is still difficult and risky. That is why HI81-Harmoni Indonesia eight one provides export-import consulting services for you so that you avoid the risk of loss because we help you with the details of the process, documents, and permits, including identifying risks and mitigating risks.
  • Competence and experience of PT. Arif Cahaya Cemerlang is a guarantee of security and ease of export and import transactions. We provide Export Consulting Services, Import Consulting, Export Handling, Import Handling, Tax, and Customs Consultation, and Mentoring Training for those of you who want to enter the world of import and export or those of you who want to increase the volume of import-export trade.
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